Blogging for SEO Requires Effort and Practice

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Sometimes you just gotta start blogging for SEO and see what happens

Blogging for SEO is one of those things. Yes, it is probably gonna suck and yes, that is ok because that is what second and third drafts are for. So when you use bad grammar, like me, and stuff, you can ask your Grammarly app to proof read the junk to help you fix it .

But. . .

Sometime you just gotta continue blogging for SEO

Even when it sucks and it feels like you are not sharing anything of value. That’s still acceptable because that may be just your opinion.

If I were reading your article about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and learned the best program to find out if your article ranks well for SEO is or then I have learned something valuable.


If you taught me that there was a great hack to use these paid products almost for free until you could decide which one you like best and until you had time to put to test the keyword suggestions provided by the SEO tests to the test. Then I would be able to learn and apply the information to my own business. That would be value.

What if. . .

You put in a great effort and your blogging for SEO effort still falls flat?

It is said that basketball great, Michael Jordan, missed over 9000 shot attempts in his professional career. So…………

If this is your first attempt at writing High Ranking SEO content then you are probably gonna mess this up!

So what? What is the worst thing that happens? No one reads your blog? No one likes your blog?

What if? What if your blog goes viral and catches way more attention than you ever imagined possible?

To wrap this up

Writing a blog post that ranks high for SEO requires effort. Sometimes you just gotta start and yes it is gonna suck but you won’t improve until you have fallen on your face a few thousand times.

Writing a blog post that ranks high for SEO requires guts and grit. Sometimes you just gotta carry on. Get up “ONE MORE TIME.”

Writing a blog post that ranks high for SEO

Writing a blog post that ranks high for SEO requires that you just keep practicing and eventually you will write articles that go viral and you will be ready for the attention success that brings.

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